Back Road Products Pipe Force Front Bumper



The Pipe Force Series Front Bumper Replacements are the perfect mesh of style & strength for on & off-road use.

The smooth plate pipe front bumper & grille guard are made together to provide optimal front-end protection.

The heavy-duty mounting brackets are designed to attach directly to your vehicle’s frame.

The front bumpers have a welded in 2” receiver for such attachments as a road deer feeder. 

FACTORY FOG LIGHTS:  It has inter-changeable bezels to handle factory all styles of fog lights. It is pictured with the 2020 LED’s, but it will accept the older & halogen style as well. It also has a blank bezel for trucks that did not come with lights. 

  • Although very close, the picture is not 100% accurate.
  • The fog lights are now mounted in a bezel that is interchangeable with the different factory style fog lights.


Pipe Force Series Product Specs

Part # HDF11380RCC

  • Weight: 277 lbs
  • Finish: Black Textured Powder Coat
  • Comes with a welded in 2” receiver.
  • 1 year powder coat warranty.
  • Works with factory tow hooks
  • Works with factory fog lights. 
  • Comes with Install Instructions, Nuts, & Bolts



  • Will not work on a truck that has a body lift kit installed.
  • May not work with custom fender flares.
  • Supports front emblem mounted camera with removable lower center grille section.
  • Supports Adaptive Cruise Control module in the larger driver’s side tow hook hole. If you have this module installed you will not be able to use the drivers side tow hook.


Construction Materials
Main 4.5” Pipe Schedule 40
Grille Guard Tubing 2” 16 gauge
Grille Guard Wings 1.5” 14 gauge
Smooth Plate 10 gauge
Brackets 7/16”


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