Steel Craft Fortis Full Front Bumper



Steel Craft Fortis front bumper. It is finished in textured black powder coat. It really gives your truck the heavy duty protection, along with that sporty off road 4×4 look. This bumper is bolt -on, and requires no drilling to install. It will not accommodate the factory fog lights & tow hooks. It does have mounts for 4 cube LED’s although they are not included. It is pictured with a 20″ light bar mounted in it. Although not included, it will accommodate a 20″ double row light bar, but not all 20″ light bars will work without modification. If you are not planning on installing a light bar, the hole is covered with wire mesh. It also comes with the mounting hardware. It will NOT accommodate winch. It will work with the front camera.

This bumper will work with the adaptive cruise control module.



  • Non-Winch, Base Front Bumper
  • Constructed of 6-Gauge Steel
  • Textured Matte Black Finish
  • Houses Optional 20″ Double Row Light Bar & 2 Sets of 3″ x 3″ Lights (sold separately)
  • Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets & Hardware Included
  • Bolt-On Installation Requires No Drilling or Welding
  • Integrated D-Ring Mounts & Sensor Cutouts (if applicable)
  • Sleek & Close-Fitting Design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Introducing the Fortis Front Bumper designed by Steelcraft. These bumpers are the latest addition to the HD Line of bumpers. The Fortis HD Front Bumpers sit close to the vehicle for a sleek design that doesn’t interrupt the natural lines and flow.

The Steelcraft Fortis HD Front Bumpers are constructed of a one-piece, fully welded, 6-gauge steel and engineered for strength and durability. These bumpers feature a spot to mount a 20″ double row light bar, as well as 2 cube lights on each side of the bumper. These bumpers also have integrated shackle mounts and come in a textured matte black finish.

All Fortis Bumpers are backed by the manufacturer for 2-years and can be customized depending on your needs and style. So, if you are looking for a heavy-duty bumper that complements your vehicle, look no further than the Fortis HD Front Bumper from Steelcraft.



Steelcraft bumpers come complete with installation instructions. Because of the size and weight of these bumpers, they are shipped by a truck freight and can be heavy to lift. When it comes to mounting, it is recommended that you have help with the lifting of the front bumper to avoid injury or damage to bumper and vehicle. However, they come with a no-drill, bolt on mount kit for easy installation. Recheck all hardware after the first couple hundred miles. It is advised to inspect the bumper and hardware periodically.


Steelcraft guarantees the original purchaser that their Heavy Duty Steel products are free of manufactured defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. This excludes damage resulting from road hazards, debris, product misuse, improper installation, impairments from accidents, neglect, shipping, or product modification. This warranty applies only to new products and is limited to the repair or replacement of Steelcraft products. Warranty does not include the cost of removal, installation, labor, freight, inconvenience, or consequential damage. The original purchaser must return defective merchandise to the original place of purchase and must provide an original receipt.

Steelcraft products are designed as decorative accessories and should not be relied upon as protection for the vehicle or passengers. Buyers assume all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the installation and use of Steelcraft products. Steelcraft assumes no liability for injury, loss, incidental or consequential damages in the event of an accident.

Steelcraft products should be routinely cleaned with a mild soap and water solution then dried fully with a clean dry terry cloth. Powdercoated products have a similar consistency as automotive paints and should be cared for similarly. Stainless Steel products require routine cleaning and polishing with a non-abrasive polish. Failure to do so may cause fading, corrosion, and ultimately void product warranty.


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